Quality of education is an integrative characteristic of the field of education in terms of region, institution (organization), type, form in accordance with modern requirements of society, state, employers, applicants, etc.

The Law of Ukraine ``On Education`` states that ``the quality of education - compliance of learning outcomes with the requirements established by law, the relevant standard of education and / or the contract for the provision of educational services; quality of educational activity - the level of organization, provision and implementation of the educational process, which ensures the acquisition of quality education and meets the requirements established by law and / or the contract for the provision of educational services''.

For example, with regard to higher education institutions (HEIs): The quality of education is an integrative characteristic, which ultimately demonstrates the ability of HEIs to achieve current tasks in the training of specialists in a particular field.


The term integer from Latin. means ``perfect, complete, whole.``

Integrity - ``perfection, completeness, integrity`` - means a psychological state of man, which is characterized by its inner harmony, stability and consistency of moral image.

Academic integrity is the commitment of the academic community, even in the face of difficulties, to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, justice, respect, responsibility and courage.

Academic integrity is a set of ethical principles and rules established by law, which should guide the participants in the educational process during training, teaching and conducting scientific (creative) activities in order to ensure confidence in learning outcomes and / or scientific (creative) achievements.


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