The Institute adheres to the principle of gender equality enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine.

The administration of the Institute implements a policy of equal rights among the teaching staff and the students, provides equal opportunities for women and men, which allows each person to fully express themselves at the Institute, regardless of gender.

Male and female educators conduct lectures and practical classes and publish their theses in scientific journals and participate in scientific and practical conferences in Ukraine and abroad on equal basis.

Students of any gender receive training in equal amounts and of the same quality level.  Any manifestations of gender-motivated disrespect for students motivated by gender are immediately terminated by the administration with further sanctions for the abuser.

We apply individual approach to students who are in special life situations (i.e. family circumstances, international students, people with special needs, students with immigrant backgrounds).  In case of family circumstances that do not allow students to continue their studies, they are offered academic leave for up to 1 year with the retaining of paid tuitions fee for the future periods.  In case of pregnancy and childbirth, the student is also offered academic leave until the child reaches 6 years of age.  International students are granted the possibility to celebrate national and religious holidays – for such periods international students are given days off.  Depending on the previous education, transferred students are given the opportunity to eliminate the academic difference on an Individual Plan during the year ensuring equal study opportunities. The Institute also takes into account the circumstances of internally displaced persons from the temporarily occupied territory of Donbas and Crimea by applying certain exemptions in enrollment criteria.  The Institute also takes into account the characteristics of Internally Displaced Persons from temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.