At present, 62 scientific and pedagogical workers are involved in providing educational activities for OPP Medicine. The support group consists of 20 people who work at the main place of work and are qualified according to the specialty:
Of the 62 people, 38 have a degree and / or academic title (73%), including 21 - medical sciences (55%; or 40% of the total); 32 teachers have practical experience (61.5%)
For 10 applicants for higher education there are more than two NPP with a degree or academic title, with licensing requirements - one teacher.
Guarantor of OPP Medicine - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of Pathological Physiology Hnatiuk VV, who is the head of the Department of Clinical Disciplines.
Education is conducted in Ukrainian (for domestic students) and English (for foreign citizens and stateless persons).
As of December 1, 2021, the licensed volume of the Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences is 600 people majoring in 222 Medicine

International Accreditation

The Medical Education Program is internationally accredited by the German Accreditation Agency in the fields of health and social sciences. The existence of international accreditation, verified by the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Ukraine, confirms that KHIM teaches well and in accordance with the best world standards and practices.