The Private Establishment of Higher Education “Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences” (KHIM) is one of the most prominent private institutions of higher education, equipped with modern equipment and innovative technologies.
Founded in 2018, the Institute provides training of specialists in the field of knowledge 22 “Health care” in specialties 221 “Dentistry”, 222 “Medicine” and 226 “Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy” at the second (master’s) level of higher education and specialty 011 “Educational, pedagogical sciences”, including the possibility of training foreigners and stateless persons.
The Private Establishment of Higher Education “Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences”, a premier European medical education institution, collaborates closely with leading clinical practice bases both in Ukraine and abroad. It boasts a highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, along with excellent material, technical, and laboratory-practical resources.
Integration into the international arena is achieved through the active participation of KHIM scientists in conferences, symposiums, and congresses, as well as conducting training sessions and masterclasses, and publishing scientific articles and research.


Mission and Vision






Clinical Bases


Mission and Vision:

To provide high-quality education to higher education students in line with the trends in the medical field, utilizing an individual approach, strong material and technical resources, and modern educational technologies. Ensuring the highest standards of medical education comparable to the best international medical institutions. Creating conditions for students’ self-development and self-realization, fostering the growth of highly educated, free, democratic, and conscious individuals.

KHIM is a leading higher education institution and a pioneer in medical education and research. It is renowned for its innovative teaching methods, scientific achievements, and contributions to improving public health. KHIM excels in training highly qualified, competitive professionals in the healthcare field, both within Ukraine and internationally.

The educational activity of KHIM is implemented in compliance with the following principles

- High-quality education ensures competitiveness in the medical field.
- Successful combination of education, clinical practice, and research.
- Alignment of educational programs with international medical education standards.
- Partnerships with national and international educational and research institutions.
- Unrestricted access to scientific, educational, and informational literature.
- Equal opportunities for comprehensive development and realization of each student's abilities.

KHIM Values:

Individual Respect and Development: KHIM holds the belief that the honor and dignity of each person are among the highest societal values, and KHIM’s activities are founded on this principle. The institute fosters an environment of respect, encouraging professional and personal growth.

Embracing Humanism: KHIM upholds a humanistic approach, promoting respect, support, and protection of human rights and freedoms. It creates an atmosphere of goodwill and cooperation among leadership, faculty, and students.

Professionalism: Activities are based on the professionalism of the faculty at all levels, forming a team of competent specialists. KHIM supports and fosters professionalism and innovation.

Ethics: All activities adhere to societal, ethical and moral standards. The preparation of future professionals and staff activities are based on medical and corporate ethics.

Service to Society: Health is a paramount societal value. KHIM strives to cultivate social responsibility and a desire to help people by training healthcare professionals.

Quality: The institute is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of its educational activities.

Leadership: As a leader in training healthcare professionals, KHIM develops leadership qualities in students, enhancing their competitiveness.

Integrity: Academic integrity is a cornerstone of KHIM’s success. The institute promotes academic honesty in all activities.

Equality and Diversity: KHIM embraces diversity and ensures equal opportunities for all, fostering inclusion and respect for individual freedom.

Interdisciplinary: Promotes collaboration across different medical fields and related sciences.

Innovation and Research: Supports advanced medical research and innovative treatment methods.

Global Interaction: Expands international cooperation and participates in global health initiatives.

European Standard of Education

The Private Establishment of Higher Education ''Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Science'' is a higher education institution with international accreditation for its ''Medicine'' program (AHPGS, Germany). All educational programs at the institute are developed in accordance with Ukrainian higher education standards. Integrating into the European educational space is a priority for the institute, aligning with the broader process of integrating Ukraine's higher education system into the global education framework.

Clinical Bases

1. Limited Liability Company ''Doctor Alex''

4 Vorobyova St., Kharkiv, 61057

2. State Institution ''Institute of Medical Radiology and Oncology named after S. P. Grigoriev of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine''

82 Hryhoriya Skovorody St., Kharkiv, 61024

3. Kharkiv Regional Council Municipal Non-Commercial Enterprise ''Regional Clinical Hospital''

13 Independence Ave., Kharkiv, 61058

4. Limited Liability Company Kharkiv Regional Center for Plasma Procurement and Processing ''Kharkiv-Plasma''

271 Akademika Pavlova St., Kharkiv, 61054

5. Kharkiv City Council Municipal Non-Commercial Enterprise City Dental Polyclinic No. 1

11/13 Hryhoriya Skovorody St., Kharkiv, 61057

6. Limited Liability Company ''Fortuna''

133 Shevchenko St., Kharkiv, 61013

7. Limited Liability Company ''PSL''

41 Heroiv Kharkova Ave., Kharkiv, 61013

8. Limited Liability Company ''FC Magnolia''

17-A Balakiryeva St., Kharkiv, 61000

37 Alyoshina St., Kharkiv, 61000

9. ТLimited Liability Company ''Leda''

18-D Valentynivska St., Kharkiv, 61082

10. Dentistry ''Zeus''

26 Gymnaziyna Embankment, Kharkiv, 61010


The licensed volume for the Medicine study programme is 300 people per year.

The licensed volume for the Dentistry study programme is 100 people per year.

The licensed volume for the Educational programme “Pharmacy” is 100 people per year.

The licensed volume for the study programme “Higher Education Pedagogy” is 50 people per year.

The current contingent of the KHIM.

Study programme ”Medicine”

Number of applicants, people
1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year 6th year
36 33 44 34 40 40