PRESIDENT – Anton Smirnov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences, specialty ''Pathological Physiology''

Master's degree in Public Administration
Master's degree in International Economic Relations
Bachelor of Laws
Honorary President of the Fight Club ''Avangard''

Anton Smirnov was born on April 11, 1991 in the city of Luhansk, where in 2012 he began his career as financial director of a consulting company in the field of international education. In 2013 at Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University he obtained a bachelor's degree in Law, and in 2014 he graduated from Luhansk State Medical University with a degree in Medicine.
Due to events in eastern part of Ukraine in 2014, he left Luhansk and started to rebuild the shifted Luhansk State Medical University, which was moved to Rubizhne, where he took care of the issues of international recognition, recruitment and training of foreign students.
In February 2018 at Kharkiv National Medical University he defended his dissertation, specialty ''Pathological Physiology''.
In April 2018, he joined the advisory body ``Council of Rectors of Replaced Higher Education Institutions`` at Ministry of Education and Science as Secretary of the Council.
In 2020, he obtained a master's degrees in Public Administration and International Economic Relations at Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University.
In 2021, he resigned from Luhansk State Medical University and started working at Kyiv Medical University.
From November 2021, Mr. Smirnov is the President of the Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.
He has 59 scientific publications and 6 useful model patents.
He is the founder and owner of private companies in the field of consulting, agriculture and fuel.
In addition to professional activities in the fields of business and education, Anton Smirnov pays attention to social activities and sports development. In particular, in 2017, with his support, the public organisation ''Fight Club ''Avangard'' was established in Kharkiv. Professional fighters and sportsmen, as well as amateurs and children are trained in various sports at FC ''Avangard''. Currently, Mr. Smirnov is honorary president of this organization, and athletes of FC ''Avangard'' take part and win prizes in tournaments and championships of various levels in boxing, Thai boxing and MMA.

Vice-President – Oleksii Kapustin

Born on August 7, 1983 in the city of Luhansk, he studied at the Kharkiv National University named after V. N. Karazin, majoring in Translation (French and English) and Luhansk National Agrarian University, majoring in Economic Cybernetics and Accounting and Taxation.
From 2009, worked at the Luhansk National Agrarian University in the positions of deputy head of the Department of International Activities, head of the preparatory department for foreign citizens.
In connection with the events in the east of Ukraine in 2014, he left the city of Luhansk and was engaged in the reconstruction of the Luhansk National Agrarian University, which was moved to the city of Kharkiv. From 2015 to 2019, he held the position of head of the Educational Department and managed the University's international activities. During his work at the institution, he was awarded the thanks of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
In 2019-2021, he worked at the Kharkiv National Agrarian University at the Institute of International Education and Professional Development, being responsible for the training of foreign citizens.
From December 2021 - deputy rector, and from July 2022 - vice-president of the Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. The main areas of activity are the functioning and development of the Institute as a whole.

Head of the Academic Council – Viktoriia Ostapenko, Phd, MD

Viktoriia Ostapenko, Ph.D. in Medicine, the member of Ukrainian and European anesthesiologists association.

V.Ostapenko was born in Kharkiv region, graduated from KhMU in 1998, completed internship majoring in anesthesiology in 2000.

Subject field of the thesis «Microbiological grounds for the building-up principals of synthetic antibacterial medications aiming to avoid the formation of antibiotic resistance» in 2007.

Ms. Viktoriia is the author of 9 research papers and 2 patents of scientific inventions.

From 2007 till 2012 worked at the Department of Anesthesiology of KhMU as an Assistant Professor.

Since 2012 till now is a dual job – holder at the Department of Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics and Traumatology.

Currently V.Ostapenko is involved in practical consulting of district and regional hospitals to provide medical aid to the patients.

Expert on Organisation of Studies – Tetiana Abdullaeva

The educational department is a structural unit of the Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.
The head of the educational department plans and organizes the educational process:
• participates in the development, monitoring and updating of internal regulations and instructional documents of the Institute on the organization and implementation of educational activities;
• directly participates in the development, revision and updating of educational programs;
• develops educational and working initial plans, schedules of the educational process for each academic year;
• calculates the scientific and pedagogical load on the departments;
• is engaged in human resources support for the organization of the educational process and the implementation of educational programs;
• prepares orders related to the organization of the educational process;
• monitors the timely preparation of the schedule of classes and the schedule of examination sessions;
• conducts a number of activities related to the organization of industrial (medical) practice;
• notifies teachers and students of the schedule of classes, practical training, consultations and exams;
• advises teachers on keeping journals and credit-examination documents;
• collects and checks department documentation (department work plans, individual work plans of teachers);
• monitors the effectiveness and quality of the educational process.

Head of the Simulation Training Center – Natalya Honcharova,
doctor of medical sciences, professor in the specialty ''Surgery'', doctor-surgeon of the highest category

master's degree in ''Pedagogy of higher education'', ''Management of an educational institution'', ''Management of organizations and administration'', ''Philology''

The educational-scientific base is an educational-scientific structural subdivision of the Kharkiv Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, whose functioning is aimed at introducing simulation methods of learning into the educational process according to modern world practices and ensuring the maximum safety of patients and doctors during training, training and performing invasive medical - diagnostic procedures.
The educational and scientific base units interdepartmental simulation classes in the main areas: Human Anatomy, Therapy, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine.
Main areas of activity:
1) Organization of student classes with practice of practical skills and clinical competencies;
2) Organization and holding of master classes for students;
3) Conducting classes on teaching methodology in simulation classes for scientific and pedagogical workers;
4) Preparation and conduct of final exams in the OSСE format.

Head of the International Department – Svitlana Vorobiova

Provides accounting and registration of documentation of foreign applicants for higher education, which relates to visa, passport, migration and registration issues of foreign citizens. Implements the necessary measures to align the legalization of newly arrived foreign nationals, their stay in Ukraine throughout the training period, in accordance with the requirements of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.