World Blood Donor Day

June 14, 2020 World Blood Donor Day – an annual holiday in honor of those who voluntarily donate their blood to save lives.

The holiday was founded in 2005; it is timed to the birthday of the scientist, Nobel Laureate Karl Landsteiner, who discovered human blood groups and took the first step towards donating blood.

World Blood Donor Day is designed to draw public attention to the need for regular voluntary and unpaid blood donation.
The theme of the 2021 campaign is “Donate blood, let life pulsate in the world”. It is a global call for more people around the world to donate blood regularly and thus contribute to supporting and improving the health of others. This campaign focuses on young people, who are always actively involved in blood donation.

Interesting facts about blood donation:

  1. The word “donor” comes from the Latin donare – “give”.
  2. According to the WHO, 118.4 million blood donations are made annually worldwide.
  3. On average, 33% of blood donation in the world is performed by women.
  4. What are the benefits of donation for the donor? Donors have a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular and lung, rectal, gastric and laryngeal cancers.
  5. After the donation, the donor blood is divided into components: erythrocytes, plasma and, if necessary, platelets, these components can be used by three patients.

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